Project: residents take pride in their cosy living room, thanks to Light4U Skadi and Freya

Woonkamer verlichting

Stichting Zes is a wonderful initiative undertaken by a group of parents in Breda to create a sheltered housing facility for their children with learning difficulties. Illse Withagen, of Illse Withagen Interieurarchitectuur, and Daniëlle Schroijen, of Utilicht, had the honour of furnishing and lighting the communal living space. For the LED lighting, the choice fell on Light4U Skadi 160 and Light4U Freya.

Illse and Daniëlle joined forces to transform the communal space into a cosy atmospheric living space. What made this project special was that the residents were involved at every stage of the process. Illse: “The experience was fun and educational, and this helped us gain commitment and support from the residents.”

Colour, warmth and a tough, fresh, homely environment provided the building blocks for Illse and Daniëlle to work their magic. Daniëlle: ”We chose the Light4U Skadi 160, because this luminaire has a wide light beam, which illuminates the countertop beautifully. Another consideration was to choose track spots, to allow flexible use of the space. Warmth is created thanks to the dimmable Freya.”

The result? A quiet, fresh base created from tough materials with colourful accents. But most important of all: the residents take pride in it! Family members and visitors have also been surprised by the homely character of the space. The result can be seen below.

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