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VW top-notch showroom

Outstanding Lighting

Like little stars

Vibrant colors

A grand entrance

Restfulness and clarity

Grandeur starts with well thought-out lighting

Get the most out of colours

The beauty of lighting

Work hard, play hard

The perfectly illuminated workplace

Innovation for craftsmanship

Turns performance into an art

Detailed illumination

Let colours speak for themselves

Highlights and enhances every model

Conscious use of daylight and metallic accents

Attention guaranteed, highly flexible

Robust and powerful

For the ultimate focus

Nuances for every collection

When colour fastness is essential

Brings out the best in every kitchen

For the ultimate fresh look

Flexible and stylish

Lighting in precisely the right place

Classy and sparkling

Sparkling presentation

Restfulness and cleanliness

Clear lighting at every time of day

Subtle yet strong

Attention guaranteed

Focus on nuance


A warm welcome

Oog voor vers

A fresh eye

Uitgekiend uitgelicht

Sophisticated spotlight

Voor optimale uitstraling

For the best look

Jeans in de spotlights

Jeans in the spotlights

Powerful colour reproduction

Maximum attention value

High-level supermarket lighting

Seductive lighting

Carefully balanced


Sophisticated combination

Irresistibly bright

Spotlight on people and pets