Ready for the Big Bing?

Looking for something special to spice up your lighting plan? We’ve got a new special edition in stock.   Meet the Bing, a new innovative track spot from Finnish producer LIVAL. Let us tell you why the Bing is big in many ways.

Big saving

Do you want a luminaire that is energy-saving? The Bing provides, thanks to the Philips HE-LED chip, a 10% performance boost compared to the LIVAL Cafeteria. This allows you to create a striking lighting solution that is more economical than ever. Economical and also sustainable in another way. The Bing packaging is made of innovative and resource-saving material and is packed in a bull pack of 6 per box. Think about how much time, material and waste you save.

Big opportunities

The Bing is an addition to LIVAL’s successful Cafeteria series and is available in black and white. Experience anti-glare, thanks to the extra deep placed light source and reflector (flood 24° and wide flood 45°). Honestly, there is just one thing that isn’t big on the Bing: it’s compact design. Because the driver and adapter are combined, this luminaire has striking minimalistic looks.

Building light together

The Bing is yet another fine example of the innovative power of LIVAL. We are proud that we are distributor from this leading quality brand since 2009. Together we proof that building light together starts with a solid partnership. And we’re happy to share the benefits with you!

Be the first!

This special edition, with HE LED, is on stock now and available as of today. Are you ready for the Big Bing and it’s unique price – performance ratio? Check all the specs here or just call us for more info. We are happy to give you a sharp offer.

We are #lightbuilders.


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