Royal Delft Museum: unveiling history with radiance.

The project.

The Royal Delft Museum is a testament to centuries of artistry and craftsmanship. Since 1653, it has been a beacon of Delft Blue porcelain excellence. With a commitment to tradition and innovation, the museum captivates visitors with its treasures.

Light partner & architect.

Integral to this project’s success was, the executing party that brought the vision to life. With their expertise and commitment to excellence, the collaboration achieved its radiant results.


Preserving the essence of history while embracing modern innovation poses its challenges. The Royal Delft Museum sought to balance tradition with an immersive ambiance that captivates visitors.

Innovative lighting solution.

The dimmable Surt is used during this project, a 3- or 1-phase track spot with adjustable beam angles. Because of this flexibility ideally suited for museums, exhibitions, shop windows or fairs. In addition, Light4U barn doors were applied to the track spots. This innovation ensured that the light accentuated the porcelain treasures perfectly, allowing visitors to fully enjoy the exhibition.

Thanks to the ability to adjust the beam angles and light intensity and use the right accessories, such as barn doors and honeycomb, this project’s artwork did full justice.

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Credits and resources
Luminaire: Surt
Project: Royal Delft Museum
Photography: Bianca Wesselius – Way2Style


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