Showroom lighting: a specialism in itself

‘I want that too!’. Entrepreneur Jens Winther immediately knew what he wanted when he saw the lighting in the BMW Motorrad showroom. It was exactly what he had been looking for when it came to his own, brand-new motorbike showroom. So he called Stig.

An abundance of gloss

Our Danish partner, Greylite, knows exactly what lighting in showrooms is all about. A specialism in itself. Not only because of the abundance of reflective paint and chrome, but also because the positioning of cars or motorbikes in the showroom is never static. It was precisely because of this expertise that Stig Lucas, owner of Greylite, was able to provide a thoughtful lighting design for the 650 m2 showroom.

Lux and looks

We talked to Stig about his approach: “We decided to use Nordic Global 3-phase tracks and the LIVAL Aspect trackspot 4000K to provide optimal lighting of the chrome and paint of the motorbikes. Each light source is also adapted to the different ceiling heights in the room. We aimed for an average illumination level of almost 1000 lux, so that the looks of each motorbike are shown to their best advantage.”

Easy customisation

The aim was to obtain a high degree of flexibility of the lighting, allowing the customer to easily adjust the lighting. Not only on the showroom floor, but also on the balcony, where the accessories are located. A range that is constantly evolving.”

European quality

Another aspect also played a part in the choice for Greylite, according to Stig: “The five-year guarantee and the fact that the luminaires are produced in Europe (Light4U) and are in stock also played a major role in our agreement. The result? Take a look at the pictures! You can imagine that Jens is very happy with his new building and sales promoting lighting. And so are we.”


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