Helping others succeed.

The best way to be successful is to help others succeed. That is why Light4U supports talented athletes and ambitious sport clubs. Our relationship with the ALS Foundation is very special. Our team loves to help make the world a little bit brighter.


Helping to beat ALS. In order to beat the degenerative muscle disease ALS, our team has come into action to raise funds many times. We rounded the North Cape. Climbed Mont Ventoux. Swam in Amsterdam canals. Organised our own successful swimming event. And there is more to come!

KerstSwim against ALS sparkled by Light4U

Walter: “Let’s kick out ALS together!”

I’ll admit it right away: I am so lucky. Every morning I enjoy going to our office or clients. Having a good time. Always taking a step further together. I get a lot of energy from that. I used to take this for granted. But a thought-provoking meeting changed that.

When your life comes to a standstill

A few years ago, when Light4U was about to celebrate its 10-year anniversary, Wim and I wondered: how shall we celebrate? A good party perhaps? In the meantime, something else was going on. Shortly before our anniversary, we came into contact with people with the muscle disease ALS at a Lucky Ajax match. And I can tell you: those encounters made a big impression. Taking your children to school by bike, a walk around the block: it is suddenly no longer possible for an ALS patient. Their lives come to a standstill. For themselves, but of course for those around them as well.

On the move against ALS

We decided to commit ourselves as a company to the fight against ALS every year. So no party, but lots of fun while in motion! Since then, we have driven eight thousand kilometres through icy winters in Europe in an old Volvo. We conquered Mont Ventoux as a team. We supported swimmers in the Amsterdam canals. We organised our own indoor swimming event. Besides the money we raised, we felt even more connected to the goal every time.

A sparkle is there to share

We think it’s wonderful to be working on this. Of course, doing business is great. But I also think it’s important to think of people who are less fortunate. Giving attention and sharing your sparkle, that’s what it’s all about. As a person, and also as a company. It gives us energy to achieve something together outside our daily work. You are always welcome to join us! – Walter van Maren (director Light4U)


Being huge sports fans, we really enjoy supporting ambitious sportspeople and clubs. Light4U is a proud sponsor of the Eredivisie football club Cambuur Leeuwarden, talented motorcycle rookie Jayant Chote and various local sport clubs.

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