Sparkled by us

I am sure you will recognise the feeling. When taking on new things, you get a new burst of energy. It’s the same for us. For instance, building sophisticated lighting solutions. That is what makes us happy (and hopefully you too!). But innovation goes beyond new products.

As an organisation, you must always keep moving. That is why Light4U has a new look.

A new look at lighting

Since we opened in 2004, the lighting market has changed completely. Not only did the crisis hit us, but new developments in the lighting industry followed each other in quick succession. Faster than could have been expected, in only seven years the market has almost completely switched to LED. This has required not only a new look at lighting, but also a different way of doing business.


Out of the spotlights

Sustainability, innovation and flexibility have become increasingly decisive factors. At the same time – just as in our early days – we still love to pioneer. That is one of the reasons we have become a major player on the European market. However, there are also other aspects which have brought us this far. Aspects that make us unique, but never have been in the spotlight.

Our added value

You can call it Frisian common sense, or just modesty. We are proud of what we do, but we have never really shared that with the outside world. For example: did you know that we develop customised lighting in our own technical department? Or that you can see for yourself how presentation can be influenced by LED here in Joure.

Talking to our customers

It is therefore time to change the way we communicate. Good communication starts with listening well. We asked our customers, suppliers and staff all sorts of questions. We asked about experiences, our qualities, but also about our points for improvement. We obtained a wealth of information, which helped to answer the following question: ‘What makes Light4U so unique in the market?’

Three core values

Together we have established three core values: Home, Flexibility and Vibrancy. We put that into practice in everything we do. It is very important to us that we add something to the lighting market. We do this by keeping up-to-date with the latest developments; by keeping an innovative product range in stock; by delivering quickly, with an eye for long-term relationships; and last but not least: by ensuring that the people who work for Light4U are happy and enthusiastic.

Sparkled by us

The enthusiasm of all the staff at Light4U, that is what makes the difference. For us, for you and our environment. Hence our new communication theme: Sparkled by us. That sparkle stands for a brilliant performance, problem solving and our lively way of doing things. In short: the best lighting for you, achieved by our drive! In fact, if you look closely you will see that LED – our specialty- has taken centre stage in our slogan.

Light4U_Imression (1)

Robust and recognisable

Our new logo is a conversion of the old logo. In almost the same distinctive colour, but more robust than before. It really highlights what we do best and that with our passion for lighting, we can offer you the best solutions. That is represented by the beam of light radiating out from the ‘dot on the i’.

A new website full of inspiration

In our new website, we are focussing much more than before on the end result: how do our spotlights, downlights and wall and ceiling fixtures make a difference in practice? You can see inspiring pictures of different shops, hotels, offices and showrooms, where our products are used.

Regular new blogs

As mentioned, we want to share our passion for lighting more. Therefore, you can regularly expect new blogs, full of news, inspiration or initiatives. Think for example of the Tour du ALS which we are going to cycle and walk next summer. And now and then a bit of silliness, we love that!

Product range

Have a look at our clear overview of our product range, including our own brand Light4U which was recently launched. You simply put together the lighting solution you require and you will quickly receive a competitive quote. Of course, we will assist you with advice as usual.

Do you have questions or comments? We would obviously love to hear them!

Wim en Walter

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