Light4U Spectral LED, the most natural spectrum on the market.

Spectral LED

Over millions of years of evolution, our bodies have been fully tuned to the rhythm of the sun and fire. These light sources have standardized industry spectral power definitions that describe the state of natural daylight. Since we spend more and more time indoors with artificial lighting which has a high impact on our mood, well-being, sleeping and effectiveness, the aim of the development in the lighting industry is to simulate the sun daylight spectrum as much as possible. The Spectral LED makes this possible.

The Light4U Spectral LED technology allows us to supplement natural light as it radiates the full daylight spectrum and almost matches natural light. The excellent colour rendering of IES TM 30-15 Rf close to 100 and an RG of more than 100 improves the visual comfort. This award-winning technology with the most natural LED spectrum (425nm -690nm) in the industry is available for almost all Light4U downlights and track lighting fixtures.

The spectrum comparison

Below is the comparison of the Spectral LED (CRI 98) and a standard LED (CRI 90+). As we can see from the picture below, the spectrum of Spectral LED is engineered to emulate natural light with reduced blue intensity. The highest RF index is achieved in each colour of the spectrum in comparison to the standard LED, where the values of some colours are as low as 80.

Spectral LED (CRI 98) – Rf(TM30) 97

Spectral LED (CRI 98) – Rf(TM30) 97

Standard LED (CRI 90+) – Rf(TM30) 86

Standard LED (CRI 90+) – Rf(TM30) 86

      CRI 90 – 3000K                           FULL SPECTRUM – 3000K

CRI 90 – 3000K     FULL SPECTRUM – 3000K

Average Spectral Difference (ASD): 3000K comparison

We can also see that the Spectral LED has reduced portion of a blue wavelength, which is beneficial during daylight hours because blues boost attention, reaction times and mood, but seem to be the most disruptive at night, disturbing our circadian rhythm and affecting sleep patterns, which should be avoided.

SPECTRAL LED against the 3000K Black Body Curve (natural daylight) with their respective ASD values

3000K Comparison of 80, 90, and 98 CRI light sources compared to SPECTRAL LED against the 3000K Black Body Curve (natural daylight) with their respective ASD values

The advantages and applications

Because Light4U Spectral LED mimics the natural spectrum of daylight with reduced blue intensity, it is perfect for use in offices, schools, nurseries, retirement homes, hospitals and fitness centres. It reduces eye fatigue, improves human well-being and does not disturb the natural circadian rhythm.

The next application is for retail stores. The Light4U Spectral LED provides natural and vivid colour rendering and improves visual clarity. The depth of colours and colour shades of the clothes, furniture, cosmetics, leather, cars and other merchandise allows customers to make the difference between the colours and textures of the goods on the shelves, improving sales-conversions and customer comfort.

In particular, spaces such as cosmetics stores, nail and beauty studios and hairdressers, benefit greatly from the difference in colour.  The importance of seeing skin tones and colours under natural light should not be underestimated and allowing customers to clearly see the small variations in contrast, colour, unevenness or depth has a significant impact on customer satisfaction, driving sales and repeat visits.

Of course, we are here to help advise you on the application of Light4U Spectral LED. Please do not hesitate to contact us as we would be happy to discuss the many options with you.


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