Sponsor story: a shared passion for speed.

If you’ve been following Light4U for a while, you may have seen Jayant Chote pass by. Jayant was only five years old when he was introduced to motorcycles and motorsports. Several years later, he is well on his way to reaching the international top.

Light4U supports young talent with ambition and drive to reach the top. Performing optimally and getting the best result is in our blood, just like Jayant. His most recent race, the Yamaha R3 European Cup, was a fantastic experience for Jayant and his team. Even though Jayant did not win any prizes, he is very satisfied. “This was my best race ever!”

We are extremely proud to have the Light4U logo shined on Jayant’s bike. We are confident that this rider will achieve his dreams and wish him the best of luck!

Do you want to follow or support him? Get in touch with: Stichting 24Racing or his mother Shardha Choté: Shardha@shift24.nu | 06-48498565


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