Sponsor Story: as fast as lightning, sparkled by us.

Enthusiasm, determination, and passion are the things that motivate us every day to create the best lighting solutions for you. It’s also the drive of young motorcyclist Jayant Chote. Jayant is still only eleven years old and is already one of the best drivers in his class in the Netherlands. It was, therefore, a logical step for Light4U to support this emerging talent in his ambition to reach the international top. Because speed is our thing!

We’d like to tell you more about Jayant Chote’s story.


Jayant was born on 24 December 2007, which is how he got his race number – 24. He is the fourth son in a family of six children and has a Surinamese background. Jayant trains in The Netherlands and Italy with Europe’s best. Additionally, he is supported by his family and a dedicated team of supporters and sponsors.

Adventure of a lifetime

Jayant was only 5 years old when he came into contact with motorcycles and motorsport. From that moment on, he knew for sure he wanted to ride motorcycles. Once he reached the official age to ride a motorcycle – the age of six – he was given his first mini-bike and was finally able to train for real! Very quickly, things became more professional: the adventure of a lifetime was awaiting him. At the age of eight, Jayant won his first National Championship. Even then, he was head and shoulders above the competition.

Growing up

Once Jayant turned nine, he was able to take part in the Junior B class. His participation in the National Championships, European Championships and the Italian championships (CIV) charts his growth as a rider. He also continues to innovate. This has resulted in a faster, better-tuned motorcycle. One year later, he once again proved his worth, by retaining his title as Dutch Champion.

Racing season 2019

The previous racing season was filled with many highs, but unfortunately also lows. The highs saw Jayant gaining more confidence in himself by racing on larger circuits and an increased understanding of his ability. Racing in the Dutch, Belgian and Italian competitions has brought Jayant several podium finishes. In Italy, he even made his debut in a new class on a switch motorcycle.

Unfortunately, Jayant crashed during a training session bringing the racing season to an abrupt halt. He took some time to recover and regain his self-confidence, but it hasn’t stopped him from getting back on his bike: giving up is not an option for this talent.

Experience and progression

Jack Chote, Jayant’s father, says: “This winter we won’t be standing still. Jayant continues to ride indoor to maintain his condition and speed. What he’s learned and been through in past seasons has given our son a desire for bigger things and more speed.” That’s why in 2020 he is making the transition to the Spanish Championship: ‘Cuna de Campeones’. This is completely different on all levels (wheels, power, class) to any other Cups in which Jayant has raced. So a challenging yet instructive racing season is imminent with strong international competitors!


The move to the Spanish Championship is a logical step towards his ultimate goal: the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup. This is a junior class where promising talents between 13-17 years old compete on an equal bike.

Light4U is a proud sponsor of this young top talent. We have every confidence that he can make his dreams come true! Would you also like to help Jayant realize his dreams? Motor racing is expensive and therefore any support, in whatever form, is more than welcome. For more information, please contact Jack Chote.


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