Sponsor story: Jayant Chote on the way to being best in the world

Jayant Chote

This year, Light4U is once again a proud sponsor of young top talent Jayant Chote. The 12-year-old motorcycle rider has only one goal in mind: to become the best rider in the world in MotoGP. Driven and full of determination in his sport, he knows exactly what he has to do to achieve his goal.

Spanish Championship.

The Coronavirus crisis brought the racing season to a standstill for a while, but last week it finally got going again with the first races of the season held in Spain! Jayant competed for the very first time in the Spanish Championship: Cuna de Campeones. Everything was new for the driver: a new class, new track, a new 250cc engine and a new team. But Jayant put in a performance that immediately earned him a good track time.


Jayant’s next goal is the Red Bull Rookies Cup. This is a junior class where promising talents between 13-17 years old compete on an equal bike. The Red Bull Rookies Cup also serves as a stepping stone to Moto3, from which Moto2 is the next step, and eventually MotoGP. Jayant realises he still has a long way to go: ”I see all this as my adventure. It’s a great challenge that I like to share with my family, sponsors, motorcycle friends and fans.”

Top talent.

Light4U is extremely proud that we can sparkle on the engine of Jayant’s bike. We’re confident that this rider will make his dreams come true and Light4U will be keeping a close eye on this talented young man. Do you want to know more about Jayant Chote or support him? Then check out his crowdfunding ‘Talentboek’ page here. You can also contact his father and manager Jack Chote.

Go get ’em Jayant!


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