Sponsor story: Jayant Chote on the way to the top.

A complete must-have for a world-class motorbike rider is mental toughness, competitiveness, and work ethic. Jayant Chote, a motorbike rider and an up-and-coming talent, has the full package. We are really proud to support him on his way to the top.

Genes and talent.

Jayant, who is now 14 years of age, started riding a motorbike (mini bike) before he rode a regular bike. From the age of 5 he became fascinated with the speed of motorbikes and at the age of 7, he set the goal of the championship. Watch him going here.


He is now well on the way. He now has 6 years of experience in international competition under his belt, 2 years of which have been participating in the Spanish competition. This is actually the toughest competition out there and it has made him stronger. This season, he is riding in addition to the race motor circuit, the NK Supermoto S4. This training is important for helping him to improve. But yet again, he is shining on the track and standing on the podium. As a 14-year-old, he is racing against senior riders (experts aged 25-40). Jayant is on a 350cc bike, while the men ride a 450cc. All eyes are on him.

Keep learning.

From a Mini Bike, he went on to a 50cc 2-stroke, then a 250cc 4-stroke and finally a Supermotard 250cc and 350cc. Racing on circuits that also include MotoGP. A process of adapting to differences in power, technique and circuit. It goes by trial and error, dealing with disappointments and never giving up. Jayant knows exactly what it will take to reach his goal: Red Bull MotoGP Rookies, before moving on to Moto3. All this is with the ultimate goal of becoming a World Champion.


Jayant has made a name for himself in Spain, which is where the champions ride. In the Netherlands he is followed closely and he has a promising future. It’s hard work, but he won’t ever give up! Do you want to follow or support him? Get in touch with: Stichting 24Racing: info@jayrabbitracing.nl, +31 (0)6 – 48 49 85 65

You can follow him here: https://jayrabbitracing.nl/, www.24racing.nl, Jayant Chote – Motor racer – Stichting 24Racing | LinkedIn




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