Sponsor story: Darts team Tigh Barra 1.

Success is something you share. With a team, that delivers a top performance every day. With our customers who trust us time after time. But also by supporting young talent and sports clubs with ambitions. In this case, the young talent is part of our team. Our warehouse worker Albertus and his darts team Tigh Barra 1.

Where it all started.

Eight years ago, Albertus discovered darts. He is very enthusiastic and immediately loves the game. This led to the founding of Tigh Barra 1 to play darts with his friends in a competition. A group of talented darts players and a promise: Reaching the Eredivisie. They are well on their way! Tigh Barra 1 plays in the second division right now. Albertus: There are two divisions above our current level, the first division and the Eredivisie.”

A helping hand.

As you can tell, a team with enormous ambition. Enough reason for Light4U to give them a helping hand, by being their shirt sponsor. In these shirts, they play throughout the whole province every Tuesday evening in different bars, cafes and other darts locations.

The whole Light4U team supports Tigh Barra 1 and wishes them good luck!


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