Summer has begun, and it’s here to stay!

Summer has officially started today! And as far as we’re concerned, it’s here to stay. In this blog, we explain how you can bring and keep summer into your next lighting project. All-year-round. How? With Human Centric Lighting!

The importance of natural light.

Compared to the past, we are much more indoors. Whether at work, at school, in shops, or at home: we are less and less exposed to natural (sun) light. Instead of natural light, we live under artificial light. And that has consequences. Our health, well-being, and performance suffer. Several studies have clearly demonstrated this.

Answer from science.

Fortunately, an answer to this has emerged in recent years. Human Centric Lighting includes light sources and control systems that can mimic the spectrum of sunlight. And the great thing is, it takes the course of the day, the amount of natural light and changes in the season into account. The result? A much better balance in the hormonal system of people. In other words: people feel much better because of this smart lighting. So let’s bring the summer indoors!

Lighting during your day.

And that has a scientifically proven positive effect on our biorhythm: our performance, mood, and our day and night rhythm. Many schools, offices and healthcare facilities use this solution to increase the productivity and well-being of people. With Human Centric Lighting you do not only create a nice space, but also a touch of summer in people’s minds. At any time of the year.

Infinite possibilities.

Light4u offers you the technology for implementing Human Centric Lighting in your project.
Would you like personal advice? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to share our knowledge with you.


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