Team Light4U: new team members, new directions

This summer, our team gained two new members: Nynke van der Wey and Roberto Frugte. And another valued team member decided to take a new direction: Nynke de Jong is leaving us after six years.

Trust on Finance

This spring, our Finance department welcomed a new administrative assistant, Nynke. Since then, she has made herself completely at home: “The nice thing about working at Light4U? Constantly discovering new things, and being part of a team. That requires trust, and that’s something you really experience here from the whole team. That might just be the sparkle that we are so well known for!”

Extra boost for sales

The Sales Department has also received reinforcements. Since 1 July, Roberto has been our new commercial assistant. He was already an intern, but has now become a permanent member of our team. Once destined to join the military police, he is now making strides in the world of lighting. What you can expect from Roberto? “Lots of energy, the ability to think on his feet to help you in any way he can,  with an eye on future developments. That’s because in our industry, innovation is key; not only that, it’s great dealing with new ideas every day.”

New directions

Another team member called will be facing a new challenge after as of the 1th of September. Sales support employee, Nynke de Jong, started working as an intern six years ago, along the way turning into a key player in the areas of sales, advice, documentation, online and product knowledge. In her next role, Nynke will be realising her ambition and focussing entirely on business. We’re going to miss Nynke’s sparkle and wish her lots of luck in her new job!


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