Team ‘Th2or’ is swimming the ‘Groninger Swim Challenge’ against cancer.

The Groninger Swim Challenge will soon take place again. Tjebbe Joosten of Rexel asked us to support his team with this great, sporting event. With their participation, they raise money for the UMCG Cancer Research fund, part of KWF Cancer fund.

Cancer affects us all. Whether you have it yourself, or someone you love, it disrupts your life. Research to prevent cancer, cure it or improve quality of life with cancer is very important to all of us.

That’s why Light4U of course supports this initiative and great charity!

Groninger Swim Challenge

The Groninger Swim Challenge will take place for the 7th time on August 28th. There are three different distances and with 35 kilometers the ‘Classic Swim’ is the longest one. This Swim starts in a village called ‘Zoutkamp’ and finishing in the city ‘Groningen’. Team Th2or is happy to take on this challenge.

Team Th2or

At team Th2or, which consists of two teams of five participants, they all have their reasons to commit against cancer. Some of them are even joining the team for the fifth time. It’s a physical top achievement! And they do it for those who are fighting cancer now or in the future.

Are you donating too?

Light4U applauds this effort against cancer and hopes that others will do their part as well. You can donate via the website of Groninger Swim Challenge.

We would like to wish team Th2or (1 and 2), and the other teams, good luck with this splashing challenge on August 28, against the disease that soon or later affects us all.


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