We are celebrating ten years of partnership with LIVAL.

This month we celebrate a special anniversary. Light4U is a Dutch distributor of the Finnish quality brand LIVAL for exactly 10 years. The foundation of this successful Finnish-Dutch cooperation? Trust. A short word, with a big impact.

Confident and adventurous.

“A good collaboration always starts with trust. And we’ve got that in each other.” says Jarmo, Sales manager of LIVAL. “But it is just as important that we both do everything we can to achieve our common goal: to offer customers in the Netherlands premium lighting solutions at lightning speed”.

Sign of confidence.

Light4U has that willingness, says Jarmo: “They have proven that time and again. How? By first placing orders before creating a market for these products. For many other parties, that is not an option. They first want a committed buyer before they place an order. The fact that Light4U does not opt ​​for this, is the biggest sign of confidence for us.”

Walk the talk.

According to Wim, director of Light4U, the short lines in communication also play a major role: “In a way, Finnish and Dutch people are somewhat similar. We both like to communicate in a direct way. When something is wrong, we quickly solve it together. Jarmo calls this the ‘walk the talk’ attitude: just doing what you promise. Every day.”

Positive vibes.

What the future will bring? Jarmo: “We want to be the first choice for retailers who want to buy affordable, high-quality lighting. By offering ‘more light with less energy’, thanks to our efficient LED solutions. With a partnership like this -with just as many positive vibes as the previous ten years- we’ll definitely continue to make a big impact in the world of lighting.”



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