The big gesture of the Nanna Family.

The Nanna has perhaps the greatest impact of all the luminaires in our range. That’s why we named it after a woman giantess from Norse mythology. Topmost quality? The big gesture!

Rectangular footprint.

The Nanna is a very special part of our collection. It is the only fixture with a ‘’rectangular’’ footprint and a large beam angle. The Nanna S has a beam angle of 90° x 60° and the Nanna L 90°x 70°, making it the most effective luminaire for larger spaces. The wider beam spread doesn’t provide more light, but it does spread that light further.

Emphasize space.

Industrial spaces, lounge rooms and other large areas are tailor-made for the wide beam angle of the Nannas. Wider beam angles direct the light to more parts of the room, emphasizing the space in a building and making the light less intense.

Bring presentations to life.

A wide beam angle is often the best choice for shop interiors. Light is distributed evenly, and the products on the shelves are displayed in the best possible way. Of course, the surface that is lit up is determined by the beam angle and the distance between the light and that surface. Floodlights provide a little more distance and allow us to go for the big gesture!

Nanna TR: easily adaptable.

For optimum effect, distance from the wall is crucial. For maximum flexibility, the Nanna is adjustable. If you choose the Nanna TR (which can be mounted on a 1 or 3-phase track), you can also easily adjust its exact position in the room. That’s why the Nanna TR, available in sizes S and L, is so popular in retail. Need to change your store layout or display a new range? Adjustment is simple and done in no time.

Nanna BI: integrated in the ceiling.

The Nanna BI makes another great choice. This recessed version (available in sizes S and L) is designed and built to integrate perfectly in the ceiling. This luminaire is also adjustable. A fixed value in many projects, and not without reason.

Finetuning down to the last detail.

Want to fine-tune your lighting down to the last detail? View all specs and options here. All members of the Nanna family are available in black, grey and white and are built according to your specific wishes.

Like to know more? Feel free to contact us. We’d be delighted to tell you more about it.


Project images:

Project: Twinsz IJs & Zo, Berkel Enschot, The Netherlands
Realised by:

Project: Bakery Germany
Realised by: Microlight Hasbergen Germany

Project: Profimex Bedrijfskleding Rijssen
Realised by: D&A Licht


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