LED lighting trends

The LED lighting trends for 2020

2020 has just started. This means it is high time to look at the LED lighting trends that will appear in the new year. We are happy to share the innovations and trends you can expect from Light4U in 2020.

Customised light

Standard lighting solutions are a thing of the past. There will be ever more specific applications for different sectors. We have been working for some time with the Food and Fashion Modules for example. But the Art LED Module for art and the Horti Module for plants are also becoming increasingly popular. This trend will keep growing in 2020.

More compact designs

We are moving away from the standard track spots as we currently know them. The luminaires are becoming ever more compact and are equipped with better technology. Light4U is already responding to this trend. In 2019, we introduced the popular Edda, Ymir and Huginn.

Adjustable LED chip

Luminaires that are equipped with the previously cited driver adapter (Edda, Ymir and Huginn) are now equipped with an adjustable LED chip. The big advantage? There is now no price difference for luminaires between 1000lm and 3000lm.


Light4U is in a great position to respond to these developments and the changing expectations in the market. Among other things, this comes down to the knowledge we have and the investments we continue to make.

We will enter our brand-new building in mid-2020. This will give us the opportunity to present our products even more effectively. The larger warehouse will allow us to deliver from stock even faster.

We can rapidly offer the newest light innovations because we keep innovating and have our own R&D and assembly department. In addition, we’re happy to work alongside you to find a suitable lighting solution for your project.

Flexible lighting partner

All this makes Light4U a very flexible lighting partner. Light4U delivers high-quality products, fast! Do you have any questions or want to find out more? Please feel free to contact us. We’re happy to help you.

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