The most powerful Kelvin is powered by Light4U

At Light4U we are no longer surprised by a Kelvin of 7000 or more. LED lighting, bright as sunlight, whenever and wherever you want. But we recently found out that there’s a Kelvin that is even more powerful –  right here, in Friesland.

Meet Kelvin de Ruiter, the strongest man in Friesland. He won third place on 16 July in ‘De Sterkste Man van Nederland (The Strongest Man in the Netherlands)’. He literally grew up under the wings of legendary magician Wout Zijlstra. And driven by huge ambition, he is always one step (or in his case: kilo) ahead of the game.

We love to see the sparkle and self-reliance of local talent. That is why Light4U has decided to sponsor Kelvin during his numerous (international) competitions. Kelvin power, sparkled by us!



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