The right accents for the perfect bite.

Want to eat a burger during your break at Sugar City? The Burger Federation is the place to be. They serve their burgers in a modern and robust ambience. An environment where a firm, juicy burger tastes delicious. Lichtadvies010 took care of the lighting.

The industrial setting and the brand identity of The Burger Federation are the basis of the lighting plan. They used the Nordic Aluminium track with suspension set in combination with the black Light4U Huginn R for the high and dark space.

The Huginn R is a tough looking 3-phase track spot with unlimited options and can be custom-built for every project. Together with the track system of Nordic Aluminium, you create an extremely flexible and smart lighting system. The project of The Burger Federation is a perfect example. Read more about our Huginn in this blog.

Lichtadvies010 used playful red accents in the pendants and custom-made sturdy metal fixtures to implement the industrial concept even further.

A perfect setting for the perfect bite.

Photographer: Myrthe Slootjes


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