The Skadi family: universal design for unlimited possibilities.

At Light4U we can put together any fixture in thousands of ways. Exactly how you want it. A good example of this is the Skadi family, that is developed by us. Special is the universal design (one housing), which can be mounted in different ways. In addition, the Skadi offers you an incredibly wide range of lighting techniques. Perfect when you want to combine universal looks with versatility.

Boost your sales

Sophisticated lighting helps you to sell more. It determines the atmosphere and ensures focus on any product. With the right light colours and techniques, you determine in detail what it is all about. In any retail environment. We have developed the Skadi family in such a way that they illuminate down to the smallest details. Choose special food retail colours, bring colours to life in fashion stores with the fashion module or enrich art with the art module. And do you want spectral LED? No problem, we’ll build it in for you.

More atmosphere, less energy

Create the right atmosphere at any time of the day. Let lighting adjust itself to daylight and save energy. It is possible with the dim and control options of the Skadi. Adjusting is very easy. Use the Casambi app on your smartphone and set light accents the way you want. Do you prefer Phase Cut Dimming, Dali or 1-10V dimming? We are happy to take care of it for you, on all Skadi fixtures.

Mounting options

The Skadi family consists of three mounting versions: a surface-mounted version, a track version and a pendant version. Is your ceiling not suitable for recessed spotlights? Then the surface-mounted version of the Skadi is extremely suitable. The track version fits in both a 3-phase and 1-phase rail system. This variant is particularly popular in homes and catering establishments. With the pendant version you add an elegant touch, while maintaining a universal look. All three versions are available in a ø160mm and a ø220mm variant.

Down to the millimetre

Do you want to fine-tune down to the smallest detail? Choose from different beam angles and accessories, such as a glass or honeycomb shield. Look for all specifications on the product pages. More info? Feel free to contact us. We would like to introduce you to this versatile family.

We are #lightbuilders.


Project images:

Project: Twinsz IJs & Zo, Berkel Enschot, The Netherlands
Product: Light4U Skadi TR
Realised by:
Photograpy: Bianca Wesselius

Project: Stichting Zes, Breda, The Netherlands
Product: Light4U Skadi SM
Realised by: Utilicht B.V.
Photography: Ilse Withagen Interieurarchitectuur

Project: ITWOON B.V. (Performance Factory), Enschede, The Netherlands
Product: Light4U Skadi PE
Realised by: D&A Licht



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