The track spot that is a permanent fixture in flexible lighting plans.

Are you looking for a track spot that gives you the versatility to create a different lighting display at trade fairs, exhibitions or in your shop window displays? The Light4U Surt has the flexibility to adapt your lighting to fit your specific needs, in no time at all.

Trade fair stands, exhibitions and shop window displays have two aspects in common: they have a high turnover rate and require a meticulous lighting plan. These are precisely the two challenges that the Surt track spot relishes.

Simply twist at the front of the light fixtures  to adjust the beam angle and switch seamlessly from 15° to 60°. If you need to adjust the light level, this is also easily done. The Surt is dimmable within a range of 10-100% via the potentiometer at the rear. This allows you to adjust the light level without a control system.

It is no coincidence that the Surt has become a permanent fixture for many project lighting companies. This adjustable 3-phase track spot with Nordic track adapter is available in white, grey and black. What are the highlights of this beautiful all-rounder? We’re happy to list them for you:

  • Dimming range 10-100%
  • Adjustable lens from 15° – 60°
  • Lumen output up to 2150 lumen
  • CRI >90 as standard
  • Casambi and DALI on request
  • Suitable for 1 and 3 phase track

Click here to see the full specifications of the Light4U Surt. If you would like more information, feel free to contact us via +31 (0) 513 41 70 90 or email us via


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