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The ultimate lighting solutions for the beauty sector

The beauty of smart lighting.

Good lighting is naturally crucial to every working environment. For Marieke Bos, the owner of Salon Blanc in Oldenzaal, smart workplace lighting is vitally important every single day. As a hair and make-up artist, it’s essential for her to work with ‘natural’ daylight. Only then can she provide her customers with the optimal (colour) treatments and make-up.

Simplicity and versatility are crucial.

When decisions had to be made about new lighting, it was essential for it to meet the following demands: sustainable, long-lasting, efficient in use, with a preference for lighting fixtures with a high colour rendering (CRI). In addition, the new lighting had to be easy to install, maintain and adjust. And, as mentioned, it had to be of the highest quality, almost ‘natural daylight’ – essential in the beauty sector.

Advice: Nordic as the basis.

This posed an excellent challenge for Theo Tijhuis, Rexel account manager. He advised Marieke to use a Nordic Global 3 phase track, with connected LIGHT4U Orco LED and LIGHT4U Skadi (3000LM/930) spotlights. The major benefit of the Nordic Global 3 phase rail is its flexibility. Spotlights can be positioned and adjusted with ease to create the right accents.

A sparkling beauty environment.

Marieke is delighted with her tailor-made lighting solution: “Our lighting perfectly matches the airy, sparkling atmosphere we wish to create at our location. But it’s also functional: the quality of the light allows us to improve the services we provide even further. And it comes at a very attractive price! As a result, we’re extremely satisfied and would be delighted to recommend it to everyone.”


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