Three reasons why the Weda HE will become your new favourite.

He’s here, ready to shine. May we introduce to you: the Light4U Weda HE, the absolute top model from our High-Efficiency line. This track spot is the successor to the Tube. It’s much more compact thanks to its tubular design with track driver adapter, but above all, it is unprecedented in its performance. The Light4U Weda HE is loaded with possibilities and yet super-efficient. Sounds interesting? Let us give you three reasons why the Weda HE will become your new favourite.

1. Superior Lm/W performance.

All luminaires from our HE line guarantee an energy saving of at least 20%. The Weda HE takes it a step further. With a maximum efficiency of no less than 159Lm/W, this is one of the most efficient and versatile track spots on the market.

2. All retail colours.

What is special is that, despite its unprecedented efficiency, the Weda HE has everything it takes to provide powerful and customized lighting to any retail and presentation space.  You can choose from all conceivable retail colours:

*Fruit & Vegetables * Cheese * Meat *Seafood *Bakery *Fashion *Art * Premium White.

That, in combination with the spectacular Lm/W performance, is unique in the market. Of course, the Weda HE can be controlled with both Dali, Phase-Cut and Casambi, so you can save even more.

3. Wide range of beam angles, accessories and anti-glare options.

The Weda HE can be equipped with:

  • four different reflectors: 15°, 25°, 40° en 65°
  • four different accessories: clear glass, frosted glass, honeycomb and an oval beam shaper. Choose the oval beam shaper to create an elliptical shape of 25°x40° or 30°x50°.
  • Three different colours of anti-glare ring: white, black and grey.

This enables you to create great customized lighting effects. Each fixture connects seamlessly to any interior.

As far as we are concerned, the Weda HE has everything that makes the heart of a lighting professional beat faster. And so we call it top-notch. But in the end, what matters most to us is what you think of it. So what do you think, will the Weda HE also be your new favourite?


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