Three tips for school lighting.

In the field of school lighting, just like lighting for other applications, in 2021 LED lighting has become the standard. This won’t surprise anyone. Despite more light spots and light output you often achieve huge savings on the energy bill relative to conventional lighting. It has also been proven that performance in the areas of speed of reading, the ability to concentrate, and maths skills improve, and sick leave falls, if LED lighting is installed.

The case for choosing LED lighting is therefore obvious these days. Just like in the project: School lighting with the Light4U World and Challenge. But which other choices also have to be made? We would like to help you in this regard by providing the following three tips for school lighting.


Although this is logical for most project designers, once again we would like to emphasise the importance of making a lighting plan. Selecting the right lighting is a crucial factor in creating the desired final atmosphere in the space in question. A lighting plan helps provide direction in this regard. It also helps ensure that you do not overlook specific points requiring attention, make fewer mistakes, and ultimately save costs in the realisation process. A lighting plan also makes it easier to properly map out savings and improvement options.


The atmosphere around the entrance of a school building should contribute to a general feeling of safety. This can be achieved through the right choice of school lighting. That also applies to corridors, stairwells, and hallway areas. The right lighting temperature, and the provision of light accents and logical light points, help guide visitors through the building with a pleasant feeling.


Areas in the school building where daylight comes in, such as classrooms and the canteen, require smart support with lineairs. Great school lighting complements daylight with an intensity that fits the daylight condition at that specific moment. It ‘shifts’ together with the daylight. The lighting thereby ensures that students are less tired and can concentrate better. We would also like to advise you to apply different types of lighting, like daylight and motion detection, and separate circuits for different spaces.



There are many more tips we could mention. There are a lot of possibilities, and lighting products are constantly developing. That’s why you should always seek advice from experienced specialists, like Light4U.

If you are interested in a customised lighting plan, we are happy to connect you with companies from our extensive network. Also for other questions regarding school lighting or your lighting project, please contact us.


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