Today Jantien works at Light4U for 15 years. A milestone to be proud of.

We celebrate the anniversary of the first woman that came to work for Light4U. ‘’You will be the first woman, and the last one,’’ they said to me with a wink. Now, 1/3rd of the company consists of women. Today Jantien works at Light4U for 15 years. A milestone to be proud of.

What do you like the most about your work at Light4U?

“I enjoy growing with the company. I do work that makes me happy and where I have all the space to be free and creative. We think in possibilities and not in impossibilities. Contributing to the development of the company is great to experience. For example, I played a big role in the entire process of our #Lightbuilders concept, wonderful! The great team and the unique working environment within the company give me a lot of energy.

What are your ambitions and dreams for the future of Light4U?

I want to continue to do great things with Light4U. It’s a wonderful company, and with the current corporate culture, we can accomplish a lot together. Hard work but also fun and jokes at times. “There’s a lot of ‘’icing on the cake’’ here. I want to continue to snack on a lot more of that icing.” Then who knows where we will be in a few years.

Hobbies and fun facts about you.

So I am the very first woman who came to work at Light4U. It was jokingly said(and with a little bit of a serious note): ‘’Yes, and you are also the last.’’ We now have a very nice mix with 7 women just in the marketing and sales department (as you can see it works quite well????). I like to be active outdoors. I love a bike ride or a nice walk. I also like to play tennis. I gain a lot of energy from this. Exploring abroad is also something I really enjoy. I especially love Scandinavia, I’ve always had a predilection for that.

I always enjoy going to work and I am planning to do so for a long time to come.”



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