Tunable white as the basis for an award-winning project

Tunable white is the lighting solution that contributes to better concentration and better performance. It is not without reason that it is a popular choice for use in offices. Project illuminator Sielight from Greece used Light4U luminaires with tunable white in an office in Athens. So successfully, that their project received an honorable mention in the Dali Lighting Awards.

The three challenges

The lighting design of this project faced several challenges. The project manager of Sielight: “Firstly, the location. The office space was semi-underground, with minimal daylight. Our client wanted a balanced illuminated space, with the desire to also create a special atmosphere by illuminating the walls and plants. Furthermore, the lighting should enhance the space style and should get integrated into its architecture respecting the architectural design. Finally, the limitation of glare (UGR) was a priority. Obviously, employees should not be bothered by the vertical lighting and the lighting of the plants against the wall.”

Clear and spacious

“We have put a lot of energy into finetuning exactly the right light control. We took into account the daylight curve, the daily rhythm of the employees, personal preferences and the light requirements of the plants in the room”. The result is a sophisticated design, a comfortable working environment, where work performance is stimulated. 24 Light4U Thor (27W and Dali) rail spots were used. Elegant in design and thanks to the correct dimensions and light beam, the ideal choice for this project. Despite the lack of natural daylight, a clear, spacious impression has been created.

People central

In addition, the dimming functions (to which users always have access) contribute to the energy-saving character of the installation. It is precisely this flexibility that is appreciated: “Our customer loves the fact that the spots on the walls, ceilings, in the corridors, on the plants and paintings can be adjusted. They enjoy the dimming function and the adaptation of the tunable white luminaires to the daylight curve (3000K-5000K). Users can easily control the lighting via a Dali touch panel on the wall or via iOS and Android devices (with Bluetooth interface). In this way, this office is constantly adapting. Not just the circumstances, but especially the people who work there.”

International recognition

Extra special is that this project received a Highly Commended Technical Solution Award in the Dali Lighting Awards, in the category Small Indoor Projects. Curious about all technical specifications? Then look here. Interested in the possibilities of tunable white for your project? We are happy to discuss the options with you, please feel free to contact us.


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