Twist to perfection: the new Irmin 855 HE

linear track luminaire for retail

We proudly present the Light4U Irmin 855 HE: an innovative linear track luminaire that allows you to give it your own twist. So why choose the Irmin 855 HE? We’d like to give you four reasons why this newcomer is well worth your investment.

1. Rotatable.

Adjust your lighting line in no time. A change in assortment or store layout? You can do it in an instant. The Irmin can rotate 180°. Thanks to the ‘turn & stop’ mechanism, you can easily illuminate within existing lines, turn, twist and everything in between.

2. Practical.

Simply click the Irmin into a Pro or Pulse track. Go for multiple Irmins or combine them with other track fixtures. Controlling is easy, using ON/OFF, Phase-Cut, DALI or Casambi. We’re pretty sure the Irmin will be an instant hit in any retail environment.

3. Versatile.

The high-performance lenses of the Irmin guarantee an optical efficiency of more than 95%. You can choose from a vast number of beam angles: 30°, 55°, 90°, 105° and 32°x75° (oval) and Double Asymmetric. This creates a light distribution in which the beams merge seamlessly. This way, you can set exactly the right accents in every place in a store. Whether you want to highlight a shelf or accentuate a walking route.

4. Efficient.

The Irmin is the first linear track luminaire in our HE (High Efficiency) line. That means an energy saving of at least 20% compared to our regular fixtures. Talking about smart investments!

Want to know more about this head-turning luminaire? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to ‘cross think’ with you to get your lighting project to an even higher level!


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