Up-date for LEDBook

The world of LED is always moving forward. We regularly adjust our range to stay ahead of the competition. That’s why the LEDBook (our product catalogue) is undergoing an update.

Simply replacement

If you already have a LEDBook, you’ll have the update sent to you automatically. Replacing it is straightforward. Click the ring binder open, remove the existing content and place the package of new pages inside, thus preventing you from replacing any separate pages.

Sneak preview of new products

Are you curious about fresh acquisitions in our range? Find a preview below!

Request a LEDBook

Do you still not have a LEDBook? Then request one today! Call us on +31 (0)513 417 090. We’ll send you our exciting product catalogue as soon as possible. Would you prefer an online version? then click here.

We wish you much inspiration and selling power with the LEDBook 2018!

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