Upgrade online catalogue

Just over two years ago, we introduced our new website. One that really suits us. We regularly share blogs, projects and news about LED lighting. After all, it is our passion! And naturally, all of our products are also available online. Recently, we have worked hard to give this online catalogue a firm boost.

Your feedback

What’s the reason for this major upgrade? The answer is very simple actually. We received lots of comments saying that the user-friendliness (search function, completeness, etc.) left a lot to be desired. It wasn’t really…sparkling, so to speak. We took all the feedback to heart – after all, it was warranted – and set to work. The end result is now online. So, what can you expect?

Faster and smarter search ability

For a start, the browsing, searching and filtering functions have improved enormously. For example, if you’re looking for specific lighting solutions for your project based on cut out, our new product site will clearly show you all the available options. Simply select what you need for your project and the most suitable lighting solutions will be displayed on your screen in no time.

More specifications available for customisation

This is now possible, because each product is available in more specifications than before. This not only shows you a complete picture, it also helps you to quickly and fully put together your customised product. Once you have completed your tailor-made product, you can print out a comprehensive PDF or email it directly to your customers or to us, for a competitive quote.

Extensive database

Also get acquainted with our brand new database. All data, for every lighting professional, immediately at hand. Installation manuals, ltd files, article codes, dimmer lists, brochures and of course our own LEDBook: it’s all there, ready to download. And of course we will continue to supplement this with useful information for you.

As you can see: online user-friendliness has improved even more, sparkled by us!

If you prefer to call us for more information about our products, specifications and delivery times? No problem at all, we are ready for you.


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