Varying displays? Use recessed banana spotlights!

Meet the Light4U Sana. This banana spotlight is one of the big favorites in retail applications. This has everything to do with its flexible nature. Rotate and tilt however you like. Smooth and super easy. Endless possibilities within seconds. It’s that simple.

The Sana also proves itself in the Sturris Shoes and Podology shop in Yerseke, Zeeland. The lighting plan of the Maas & Haagoort light engineers consists primarily of Sana’s. They serve as neutral lighting and as spotlights. The result? Perfectly highlighted shoes. Displayed at their very best, with bright colours. And in case of a new collection: an adjustment is made in no time.

Do you have a retail project soon? At least consider a couple of our multifunctional banana spotlights in your ceiling. We’ll be happy to custom-build them for you. View the specifications of the Sana here. Want to know more? Feel free to contact us for more info and a competitive price.


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