We are #lightbuilders: Jos is one of us.

Chances are that when you call us, you will get him on the line. Whether you are a customer from the very beginning or just ordering for the first time: you cannot ignore Jos Pol from sales support. This lightbuilder provides a tailor-made answer, always with a generous smile.

From colleague to customer and back again.

“When did I start here? I have no idea to be honest. He takes a quick look at his administration, and it turns out that he has been employed since 2015: “I still knew Wim and Walter from my time at a lighting wholesaler in Groningen, where we were colleagues. After they left, I ended up in Wim’s place. We always kept in touch, even when I started working for an electrical wholesaler in Meppel. When we needed Lival Nordic, we ordered it from Wim and Walter’s Light4U. They kept growing, and at one point they asked me if I wanted to join the club too. Since then, I drive every morning from my hometown of Emmen to Joure.”

Then and now.

Today’s Light4U is different in almost everything from then. Take the office for example. In the beginning, there were six of us on 20 m2. Sometimes it took effort for me or my colleagues to understand the customers. Now, the sales department has a brand new office of 60 m2. With much more space. And with acoustic panels. What a relief. That gives such an enormous peace of mind.” Are there things that haven’t changed? Jos: “Basically, the conversations are not much different. Of course, technology has made big steps over the years. For example, the new generation of LED, which is even more economical. With our new High-Efficiency range, it can be interesting for many customers to replace their existing older luminaires. I advise on these things. But the majority of our customers know exactly what they are talking about. I am mainly there to provide clarity in matters such as delivery times and production times. To solve problems. And, if necessary, to find a good alternative together.”

Fellow enthusiasts.

Of course, sometimes Jos does not immediately have an answer ready. Then he consults with the team to formulate a solution within half a day: “It never takes very long for a reply. The same applies to offers. That is much appreciated. In fact, I think that speed is one of the reasons why customers stay with us for so long. If I still speak to customers from my early days? Sure, daily! With most of them, we have a connection. So there is always room for a joke. Most people who call us have an electrical engineering background. Just like me. We can be ourselves, no fancy stuff. We all love what we do and it’s always great to share that joy with each other.”


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