We are #lightbuilders: Meet our Sales Manager Ferdi.


”If you want to build something, it always starts with reliance. On a personal and business level. Living up to that every day is what makes my profession so special.” Ferdi, our Benelux sales manager, is a lightbuilder in heart and soul. His favourite building blocks? A mix of old-fashioned attention and the latest innovations.

“I think it’s important to visit our customers personally as much as possible. That is why I am now in the car to a customer at the other side of the country. It’s almost a three-hour drive, but I’m happy to do it. Because attention is one of our most important pillars. What am I going to discuss? I make sure I always have something new with me. Think of techniques or fixtures that are interesting for that customer.

But I am also visiting because we want to learn from every customer. What are the experiences with a specific fixture? How does this latest technology perform in practice? And what could be better? We develop lighting solutions, but the customer experiences them. And the better we connect with each other, the better we can produce our products in the future. In that sense, we really work together on even better lighting.

The Dutch lighting market is a big market, but also a small world at the same time. With a huge number of project illuminators, who have access to all suppliers. It is therefore very important for us to be truly distinctive. How? Well, by developing a unique recipe for every customer. That recipe used to be very basic. With a limited range of fixtures, in which a handful of light sources could be placed.

Today we have unprecedented opportunities to continuously improve that recipe. The challenge is to keep it tasty. For that, we want to know what’s going on. In the market and at our customer’s company. We go pretty far to figure that out. Sometimes literally, like today. Because if we remain curious, then (new) customers will also be interested in us. And that enables us to build on step by step.”


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