We are #lightbuilders: Meet Riemer, the heart of our warehouse.

In our profession, speed is always a must. Every day our challenge is to provide projects on time with tailor-made lighting. Our warehouse plays a vital role in this. The luminaires that you ordered went through a smoothly and smartly organized supply chain in the days before. Riemer, our warehouse coordinator, takes you to the place where everything comes together and leaves.

The secret of an efficient warehouse.

Aisle after aisle, the racks at Light4U are packed up to the meters high ceiling. Electric forklifts come and go. Employees are constantly on the go. A newcomer would not know where to start. Yet, Riemer always remains calm, no matter how hectic it often is: “The secret of an efficient warehouse? Overview. Know exactly where every part is. If we do not deliver all parts in the correct order, our assembly department would have a huge problem. And of course, our customers too. They are used to our superfast delivery times. So everything has to be perfectly right.”

Big series, shipped worldwide in no time.

Tailor-made fixtures are shipped out within five working days. Riemer: “This varies from small orders of, for example, three recessed spotlights to large series. In particular, we see that our international customers are opting for increasingly larger orders. A few years ago, an order for 100 luminaires was already substantial, but now we regularly process orders for more than a thousand products. Of course, this is only possible if you have everything in-house and your processes run seamlessly. Components such as Nordic tracks are already shipped within a day, by the way. That speed appeals to customers.”

Using every cm2.

In addition to the daily dynamics, Riemer and his colleagues are constantly optimizing: “For example, by organizing the pick locations even more efficiently. By taking the time to keep everything tidy. But also by paying a lot of attention to our packaging. By recycling, we use much less packaging material. That’s a lot more sustainable. We also ensure that less ‘air’ is packed. For example, we can now store twice as much on a pallet than before.” Logistics partners Koopman TransMission and DHL then transport it efficiently packed to customers worldwide.

More meters, even more precision.

The warehouse(already expanded two years ago) is getting even more room. Behind the existing warehouse, even more cubic meters are under construction. Riemer can’t wait to start using the extra space: “Because the more space we have, the more precisely we can work. And precision: that is precisely the core of our profession.”


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