We are #lightbuilders: Meet Tarek, lightbuilder in optima forma.

As Technical Director he is at the very source of all the solutions we build. Once designing power plants, now he’s constantly building bridges between purchasing, production and market developments in the lighting industry.

“It’s been 11 years now since I work in the lighting industry. Before this, I was designing power plants. That may sound as a totally different cup of tea, but actually it isn’t. The physics are just the same. Only the parts and optics differ. That’s why the switch from power to lighting wasn’t a big thing for me”, says Tarek.

Originally from Austria, Tarek is now active at Light4U for 4 years now. He is responsible for the production process, R&D, testing and purchasing: “Very interesting. And very challenging, too. We design and produce completely new solutions in-house, but most of my time I spend optimizing. This applies to picking positions, the production process, product development, testing and purchasing.”

Developments in the lighting industry may seem to make big leaps, but it takes a lot of small steps every day to stay ahead. It’s all about small adjustments, Tarek says: “A little more finesse here, a smarter detail there. Continuously implementing the latest trends in lighting and the electronic industry and improving the mechanical, electronic, optical or thermal parameters of our luminaires. Getting even better every day. That is the essence of what we do.”

Whatever a new upgrade involves, quality always comes first. Tarek: “That is why we test every component extensively. And we’re making sure they are made in Europe.” Another aspect that influences continuity is the current long delivery times in the market. Therefore, ‘we keep increasing our window’.

Tarek: “In order to guarantee our customers a fast delivery, it’s key to have our components on stock. So, we have to buy on time and appropriate alternatives that also meet our standards in case of delay. That’s a complex business, but at the same time also the beauty of my profession. Together with our team we ensure that we can continue to build the best lighting solutions. In all circumstances.”



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