We are #lightbuilders: meet the lightbrothers.

At Light4U, we love building lighting solutions. Every luminaire you get, is built by hand.  It has received full attention in our assembly department. Arthur is one of the specialists who build each fixture exactly to your wishes. Arthur is a brother of Rutger, who has been working on our assembly department for years now. In this way they are not only lightbuilders, but also lightbrothers!

Working at Light4U is therefore family business for some, but for many others an adventure far from home. Because in addition to our locals, we also have many lighting professionals from all over Europe. In our sales department, but also in the warehouse and production areas. Wherever we come from, we all have one goal: we love to get the best out of lighting.

There is great variation in orders in the assembly area. According to Arthur, this is not only due to the different models. Also, the quantities vary greatly: “This morning we had 43 Eddas tailor-made. Then just one Nanna and then four Worlds. Each fixture requires its own time. From a standard operation within two minutes, to a precision job where the fixture has to be completely disassembled. Anyway, it always comes down to the smallest detail. It just has to be perfect. And that’s what makes it so interesting to me!”

Rutger, Arthur and the other assembly team members can always use reinforcements. Light4U is growing and so is our demand for technical professionals. Are you ready for a new adventure? And interested in becoming a Lightbuilder too? View our open vacancies or contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

We are #lightbuilders. Wanna join us?


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