We are #lightbuilders: Meet Zuzana, our International Sales Director.

“We care. And it’s up to us to prove that every day.” Being a lightbuilder, international sales director Zuzana Nadim is also continuously building on an equally important aspect of our business: trust. She is responsible for creating and developing international business relationships around the world. No matter where a customer is based, a good relationship always begins with trust and care.

We are here.

“At Light4U, we have customers all over the globe. From Australia to Japan. And from Colombia to South Africa and of course everywhere in Europe. Our task is to give them the care they deserve. To have quick swift responses to their questions. To be reliable. In sales, but also in service. No matter how big the business is. Because I think every solid relationship starts with a small order. And the care would not be proper without the support of our whole company. We are here for each other. In good and in bad times. I am convinced when you do it, your customers feel this.”

A head start.

“Like I said, I believe the strength of a sales department is strongly connected with the strength of the whole company. In general, it starts with knowledge of the international market and our experience in the lighting business. It helps us in giving the best possible technical advice. Which lighting solution fits best for your challenge? What is the short-term availability? Which solutions fit best within the budget? This knowledge gives us a head start, but our commitment also provides added value for the long term. For everyone.”

Family meeting.

“As an international sales director, I can meet plenty of interesting people. I can virtually visit a whole world and bring something we developed beyond geographical borders or borders of imagination. The fact that people rely on us is a big motivation and responsibility for me. I love it, and I take this very seriously. Yes, it’s safe to say it’s my passion! Therefore, I am really looking forward to such an exhibition as Light+Building in Frankfurt, which should be this year in October. Thanks to the personal connection, everybody is happy to see each other in real-time again, so I hope it will not be canceled and we can have the possibility to have a meeting with a family feeling’’.

We are #lightbuilders


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