We are #lightbuilders: Sent to you with a smile.

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If there is one place that deserves to be called ‘heart of the matter’, it is our warehouse. This is where everything comes together. Product parts are picked, orders are prepared for shipment, people from all departments coordinate with each other while trailers are loaded with pallets with destinations such as Groningen, Tokyo or Quito.

Land, sea or air.

One of the regulars in this dynamic place is Albertus. Recognisable by his indelible smile, he is responsible for international logistics: “I arrange transport to our export customers. For the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, we have a regular partner Koopman Transmission. For anything further, I arrange the right solution. By land, sea or air. Whether it concerns dozens of pallets or just one replacement part. What is most important in that? It has to arrive well …haha! And then, of course, preferably quickly, efficiently and at a competitive price.”

Right timing.

When you want to excel in logistics (and we love doing that!), Albertus says it is crucial to ensure everything fits together seamlessly: “That starts here behind the scenes, of course. But for a customer, it is especially important that the order arrives exactly at the right time. If a shop is being renovated, and the lighting has already been delivered before the floor has been laid, this is obviously not desirable. It gets in the way. The best thing is to deliver when the installers start working on it. So not a day early, nor an hour late. We can do that.”

Everything on hand.

According to him, it makes a huge difference that the capacity of the Light4U warehouse has more than doubled in recent years: “Previously, parts sometimes had to come from an external location, now everything is available. Almost everything is readily available and, therefore, immediately dispatchable. Our large stock really gives us an edge in the market; I think we are the only party that has arranged it that way. It helps us deliver even faster. That makes customers happy, and so do I!”


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