We keep everything really clean. You have to have a feeling for that.

If you have ever visited our building in Joure, you will have noticed: our offices, production areas, and warehouses are not only brand new but also spotlessly clean. Of course, we all pay attention to that, but one man really makes the difference.

Meet Wopke. Our regular cleaner, from an external cleaning company, but just as good a #lightbuilder as everyone else. Wopke works at cleaning company Van Dijk en de Boer from Sneek. Every day of the week, he is on the road. In a metal company, the next day in a factory.

For a few months now, he can also be found in Joure two days a week: “What do I think of it so far? Well, maybe it sounds crazy, but from the moment I stepped in here, I felt right at home. At many companies you are really seen as ‘that cleaner’. You don’t really get noticed. That’s completely different here. Everyone is very open and social. Whether you’re in the assembly or in the boardroom. That makes my job a lot of fun. Because I think that cleaning also has a social aspect.”

“I immediately noticed that it is very clean here anyway. Even in the warehouse, where a large team works with an enormous amount of materials. My role? To see where no one else is looking. People always check whether the floor is clean, but you also have to look up, for example. That’s what I’m here for. This way, we keep everything really clean. You have to have a feeling for that.”

According to Wopke, what suits a company is also part of his job “On the first day, I brought large flacons of standard soap for the toilets. Didn’t have to, because they have Rituals products here. It always smells wonderful here, just like in a hotel. That is also a part of hospitality. You feel welcome here. I felt that and I hope it also applies to everyone who visits us.”


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