We know our own strengths!

Frankly, we can laugh about it, but we are also puzzled. Why, you might ask? A company in the same business as us, Zumtobel, an Austrian lighting giant that operates in more than 70 countries, has taken notice of Light4U.

This is how it is. The Austrians use a web address which is very similar to our company name. This means if you unsuspectingly type in www.light4you.com in stead of www.light-4-u.com, you are immediately directed to Zumtobel’s website. What’s it all about?

Why is Zumtobel using the Light4U name? What do they have to do with us? Do they see us as a threat? Do they want to benefit from our success? Are they doing this deliberately? Is it misleading? Judge for yourself.

At least it makes us a little proud that such a big player can be bothered to notice us. We knew we were doing quite well, down here in Joure, but it seems we have attracted more attention than we bargained for! Meanwhile, we know our own strengths and continue enthusiastically along the path we have chosen. Light4U, sparkled by us!

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