What happens after summer?!

What happens after summer?!

Summer has now officially started. It may be slow getting off the ground, but it is a good time for everyone to take a break. We will be closed in week 32, from 8 August to 14 August. You can also read about the summer closures in our blog.

For now we are very busy preparing for autumn. And it will be a very busy autumn! New technologies, new ideas and new knowledge has been incorporated into new products. The test phases are almost completed. We want to introduce the next products and innovations in the autumn.

  1. A new hospitality package with beautiful fixtures for use in hotels, restaurants and other catering establishments.
  2. An asymmetrical/symmetrical ceiling fixture, developed by us and highly suited for various retail applications.
  3. An upgrade of our LED Panel Light4U Challenge to 110Lm/watt and an expansion of the options with UGR and a structure frame.
  4. Updates of current fixtures, in which new technologies are applied.

We are also working on our product information for you. The aim is to provide you with all the information you need, as easily and as quickly as possible. Our website is the most important tool and is always kept up-to-date. Step-by-step we keep developing it. The brochure is also getting a new look. We expect to launch a completely new-look brochure in the autumn!

We will keep you informed. But first, we wish you a great summer!

Team Light4U

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